Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Blogger ,Francessca :)

So were doing a new thing  the dysautonomiacs are having a Saturday and sunday blogger,Me and Erin.
And for those who don't know me  Im Francessca (fran-chess-kah) for those who can't pronounce my name although my two year old ''sister'' can say it since 18months.Anyways your probably wondering do I have pots ??? Well of course i do because i probably wouldnt be on the blog if i didnt
I was diagnosed in 07 when i was thirteen years old im now 17
I showed the classic symptoms and it was simple to diagnose ,probably because my mom has pots
shes had it since 1980 thats a looooong time.It wasent even called pots It was called diagnosis X
I often wondered why they picked the name pots its so close to pot the drug as in weed
pots is hereditary alot of us get it from are parents  thats why ill most likley adopt kids when im older.
theres alot of advantages to having a mom with pots one big advantage was that i didnt have to go throw all the dumb tests like tilt table and junk.One thing about me is i hate to let people know im sick  i could be in the hospital right now and i would tell no one I hate pity and complaining i don't like whiners or symptom documenters i cant stand most of the groups on facebook  when people flip out because they lost a pound or there feet are cold its like big freakin deal  focus on something else dont let pots rule you :)
from reading past entries everyone seems to introduce there self with some fun facts here are mine

1 when I grow up I want to work in oncology pediatrics (cancer kids)

2 I like singing and have some unusual talent ,like yodeling and rolling my eyes back,feet behind head,farting with my armpit,pig calls ,impersonating celebs and singing like them useless little fun stuff oh and i can talk like Fran drescher

3 I'm Hispanic American and live with my mom and cat im fluent in spainsh but dont use it

4 i wanna marry a jewish guy when i grow up and do the hora  and i love sign language and wanna adopt a deaf kid when im  older

5 im the creator of dizzy dabee the dysautonomia rag doll and i have my own personal blog
called dizzy dabee

6 i collect babysittersclub sweet valley twins and lurlene mcdaniels books if you have any extras mail them to me lol

7  and i dont drive i personally think driving with pots is wrong if your super sick
i cant really think of anything else so i guess thats it  oh yeah just remember
oh and anyone who wants to add me on fb please do so!/profile.php?id=100000213605967
 im just that cool :) i dont have a cool  exit name thingy dont know how to make them thats gonna be my question  how do you make the little signuter thing ?

i really dont remember all the questions so im gonna wing it someone i think hannah asked about tremors ?
yes i get tremors alot i even got this new thing where my whole body shakes and i look as if im having some type of seziure or what not its kinda embrassing it happens in public alot and it looks like im doing something dirty like i dont wanna say because your all kinda young well hannahs like older then me i think but i think you guys get it 
i dont remeber the other questions
ill try to be a really good blogger i dont know much about pots my docter believes i should get caught up in that

my question how many of you guys where medical alert braclets ?

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