Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm still standing

The questions:

Francesca's question: If french fries are called chips, what are chips called?
In Australia we call both french fries and chips, chips. Yep, if that  is any help.
Hannah's question: What are your POTSy essentials when traveling?
When ever I go out whether to school or on holidays, I take my salt shaker and salty snacks. My beloved vegemite! My walking stick, Sir Sticky. My drugs. Not much really.

Miranda's questions: Do you have vision problems?
No, but I do get blurred vision as a major symptom. I am colour blind too.

My question: what is your favourite type of exercise?
For those of you that don't know, I have been a bit of an exercise freak this week. Running, trampoline, weights, pilates, bike. On average doing about 2 hours of exercise a day. My favourite is definately the trampoline.

My week:
It has been good. I had a pots attack yesterday and I have picked up a bit of a cold but doing really well pots wise. I have been going to school four days a week and going to classes and stuff. It's been really good. I feel really fortunate.

Tuesday was my birthday and thanks you guys for the birthday messages. It was a good day and as many of you know, I got a gorgeous puppy called Trixie. I also got some DVDs, the yellow wiggle autobiography and some little odds and ends. My friends got me a gorgeous bear that they all wrote messages on. It is adorable.

So I don't have much to say. It hasn't been that exciting. I picked my subjects for next year and for the HSC they are:
Society and Culture
Modern History
Advanced English
Extension English

I think it will be good. Hopefully my health stays good.


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