Friday, July 22, 2011

Tremors Stink!

Hey guys! I am posting this week! Haha.  Thursday was bad, I woke up late and got really bad tremors. At least I think they’re tremors. My eyes roll back and I have trouble speaking. I’ll shake horribly then randomly it’s just like my eyes close and my whole body relaxes, then boom I get ‘em again. Sounds agitate them too. If I hear a loud-ish sound it makes me jerk. I’ll ask my question early: When (if) you have tremors, do your eyes roll, do you go “in and out” like your not there then you are, do you have trouble speaking, do you get dizzy and have weakness so bad you can’t walk after? I’m trying to figure out if these are tremors. And what’d’ya know? I have another UTI and I’m on the same med, double the dosage!

Miranda, Logan and I had a great time together! I so wish I could post pictures but I can’t find my camera cord! I know, so disappointing! I’m glad Logan was able to post a picture.
Have you girls caught up on sleep? I’m still so exhausted! Of course we would have loved it if we could have shipped the rest of you Dysautonomiacs out here (yes, that includes you fabulous subs!)…But maybe that’s another time :)
Yesterday I rode a power cart for the first time in Walmart… I was embarrassed at first but I wore out slower and it was actually kind of fun! Though when I got home I had tremors (not as bad as I wrote about above, but it's been storming here and really hot so my body is a little bit of a mess!) and I had mad insomnia last night. So my body is just bleh.

On to your questions:
Rhianne: I sure hope things are doing way better for you! Your question was,  Are you a fainter? If so give me some advice! Fortunately I am not a fainter, but I get lots of presyncope. For that I just drink a ton, lay down and have my salt! I wish I could offer more help girl!

Logei: I hope your fever has finally come down! That’s torture! Your question was,  Do you struggle with your eating habits because of your Dysautonomia in some way? Yes. I think almost all of us probably do. I have days where I have a crazy appetite and days where I can barely eat…Days where I have trouble swallowing or horrible acid reflux or stomach pain, etc…And recently finding some foods I can’t eat.

Erin: You go girl on the full work up! You’s tough! I’m sorry about your EDS diagnosis but I am thankful you have that answer and another issue you are aware of so you can better care for yourself! I’m terribly sorry to hear about your mother, too! You guys are troopers all the way! Your question was,  What kind of POTS do you have? Hyperadrenergic, Partial Dysautonomic, or combined? You know, I’m not entirely sure. I never got a diagnosis on what type, but I believe it’s probably Hyper or combination because my mom and sister both show signs of POTS and I have struggled with both low and high BP. I’m not entirely sure about the differences, other than Hyper is usually life-long and Partial you can grow out of… Hyper has adrenaline problems and high blood pressure and Partial has low…Though you guys might have to correct me on that! It’s a lot to learn about and take in, for sure!

I sure hope you feel better! I feel for you right now being so sick from getting your wisdom teeth out. Hang in there! You’ll feel better soon :) Your question was, Do you know any good recipes for a liquid diet? I am working on some here and there for my blog, I think I have a couple up, but I basically throw a bunch of fruit in the blender with maybe some flaxseed or hemp protein powder. I’ve been adding almond butter too for protein, but you could do peanut butter or sunflower seed butter…Cashew butter even! To make it taste more appetizing if you add any powders, you could throw in some sweetener (sugar, stevia, agave, etc.). For some healthy fat and added nutrients you could throw an avocado in there. The only thing it really changes is the texture! I’d definitely incorporate some kiwi in what you make, they are a super fruit and add great flavor and texture! By the way, my dad got a bunch of almond butter really inexpensive so, I can bring you a jar if you’d like. And if you’d like to try my protein powder out, you can have some of that too!

Tana:  Miss you!!!!!!!

Have a good weekend ladies and readers!
Smile (you can always find a reason to smile:):
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