Thursday, July 14, 2011

GI Appointment And Holter Monitor

As you guys know, I have a lot of GI issues (dysphagia, acid reflux and more) and my gastroenterologist appointment was today. That went really well. He wants me to take this OTC acid reflux pill (Prevacid), so I don't have so much pain and he wants me to take Miralax to "clean me out" because that might be making my pain worse. My Holter monitor was ok, but the top electrodes were itchy because my nurse didn't clean the sites with alchohol first and the bottom ones dug into my ribs. I still have marks from them, even though I took it off 8 hours ago. I ran around outside (it felt like it was 100 degrees!) for a few minutes, because apparently I was supposed to do that. I'm still exhausted from that, even if it was only like 50 feet back and forth.

I'm going to the midnight Harry Potter premiere in an hour, so when I return my childhood will be over. :( But I am going over to Hannah's tomorrow and I get to see Logei too! I hope you two don't tire yourselves out too much today!

I made a video with a few pictures of the past few days with my Holter monitor and at the GI doctor, so here's the link.

Have a good day everyone!


  1. Watched you video!
    Antacid medications can take longer than 4 weeks to become effective, so watch out for that! I have been on Nexium (now protonix) 40mg twice a day since I was little. I have severe GERD and it can definitely make POTS symptoms worse. Miralax is great. I use it all the time when need be :) I have been dealing with SO many GI issues since I was this was my main area of concern then. I have lymphacytic colitis and have had duodenal ulcers, 5 colonoscopies and 6 endoscopies.

    (I think you meant colonoscopy, not endoscopy on your video!) For your upper series, the endoscopy, it's a piece of cake. You'll be in and out in no time :) I hope this works for you and keep me posted!! Take care<3

    **and oh boy girl, running around like that, phew, good for you!**

  2. Well I've tried almost all of the OTC antacids and none have worked, I think I've tried this one before.. My whole GI is so bad that I'm in excruciating pain every time I eat, sometimes even drink. I've taken Miralax before, just not as much as this (1 1/2 caps 2X a day), I've had GI issues since I was like 4 or 5. I thought I said endoscopy, thats what he wants after the Upper GI series. I've had a CT scan on my GI system, so I'm used to weird stuff.