Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What do you think...

Hey ladies and gents : ) 
(I'm subbing again for Tana)

So, I have an idea
Actually, it's was originally my wonderful friend Brooke's idea!

Over at the TDC (The Dysautonomia Connection) around this time last year, a couple of us decided to exchange mailing addresses and send letters/cards/etc. Today, I got a letter from Brooke :) 
I don't know about you all, but getting letters in the mail sure makes my day! 
(I actually get loads of bills, student loans papers, etc...) so GOOD mail is always a positive. 
{Or in your case} any mail at all is probably a positive!!

Thoughts? Do you think this could possibly be an idea. Now, I am only a sub and not really part of your wonderful blog and all, so maybe one you can adopt the idea or something!!

Lastly, I am really excited for this Friday, as I am going to a geneticist for further evaluation on which EDS type I may have. We learned that my mother almost definitely has EDS (we think classical) so this appointment may explain the cause of my POTS. For that reason and that reason alone, I am anxiously awaiting my appointment! It will be nice to know what "caused" my POTS if this EDS diagnoses is accurate ♥

::Question Time::

Francesca's question
If french fries are called chips, what are chips called?
Actually, I have never called french fries chips... I think french fries should be called FF & chips, chips. So, to answer your question...I guess it depends on the person?

Hannah's question
What are your POTSy essentials while traveling? 
Sunglasses, Inhaler, Phone, and Wallet (these are with me at ALL times)
As for POTS needs, Gatorade/Smart Water. 
Everywhere I go, I take one of these two liquids with me.
Also- I never really go anywhere farther than 10-15 minutes away, as I get car sick/motion sick very easily and with this summer heat, I cannot bear to be out and about for too long.

Miranda's question
Do you have vision problems?
I have never had ANY true vision problems. 
I actually have more than perfect vision 
{according to my freshman high school eye-check up 9 years ago done at the school}
...maybe I should get a check up sometime as I have never been to an eye doctor...haha
BUT...I do have blurred vision, eye strain, focusing problem that I just attribute to POTS

Rhianne's question
What is your favorite type of exercise?
I actually LOVE yoga. I took these classes in college and it motivated me because I actually had to show up (as I was getting graded!) and I really learned to love the inner workings and deeper meanings of the yoga traditions...

LB's question
Does nutriton have a huge impact on your symptoms?
I was once told I was lactose intolerant for two years. Then they said I grew out of it, but I really think that I should still be avoiding dairy products...
Also, I had my gallbladder removed and I have severe GERD, so highly acid foods really bother me. 
The worst is grapefruit. It gives me pleurisy attacks, makes my heart race and the acid is just awful.
Overall, I just try to eat a well balanced, low sugar diet. 
Lastly, I really want to try to go Gluten-Free as I have Lymphacytic Colitis (I was on steroids for three years for it) and have had really bad GI issues my whole life. 

My question!
Has anyone had difficulty with weight gain/loss since their diagnoses with POTS or starting certain medications?

Hope everyone had a good fourth!
Take care and stay cool!

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