Friday, July 8, 2011

Hey, Hey, Hey!

Hey, hey, hey!
I shall start with my week. You guys know I went on vacation, the first day went great! But, the next day I got horribly a restaurant... They were afraid because they thought it was because they had given me gluten food after I had explained that I needed gluten free so it was just a mess (but funny now- I don't think they'll be doing that to anyone else lol. I'm not mad though!). I was tired and not feeling good to begin with but I went out anyway and got hit with vertigo and presyncope and a bad headache.

But! I got my puppy, now I have her and Gizmo. If you read my blog, you already know, but I named her Zipporah after Moses's wife (in the Bible). I was obsessed with that name as a child! She is a ball of energy!
It's been really hot and humid this week so I've really not done too, too much. My sister and I did go out one day but man it tired me out! I also got to see my friend yesterday and she brought me a sweet gift. One of the things was a "Pep talk" button (like an easy button) and it gives you humorous pep talks which I thought was so perfect.  I cannot seem to catch up on my lost sleep from my trip so I'm just blah this week. But my body will have to stop the insomnia sometime to catch up...It's just bound to happen :).

I am playing with my diet again since Logan is getting good results with her health from having raw food. I don't think I'm going all raw, I don't even know where to begin, but for right now I'm cutting dairy out to see what happens with my GI, and I'm eating lots of raw food as well as really healthy cooked food. Hopefully I can stick to it this time! I am also trying to cut back on sugar since it suppresses the immune system and I read or heard somewhere that it causes inflammation of the GI track. I'm really hoping since fixing the gluten issue is helping my GI so much, that I'll find more things to help my GI the rest of the way!

On to the questions:

Logei: I am really sorry about your goldfish :(. BIG HUGS! I am so glad raw is improving your symptoms so much. I really cannot tell you how happy I am for you! Your question (other than my gluten issues): Does nutrition have a huge impact on your symptoms?
Even aside from the gluten, yes! I do notice a big difference when I eat my fruits and veggies and when I don't. It really helps my GI and overall energy.

Miranda: I am glad you are finally getting your GI appointments but sorry that you are having so much GI pain right now. I know I've said this before, but have you tried eliminating things from your diet and seeing what happens? I know even when I was barely eating, when I would eat I might eat something soft... like bread (which has gluten) and it was just a mean cycle. You sound so much like myself with your symptoms. I really wish it wasn't happening to you! I've had really scary episodes with choking too! Hopefully and prayerfully your GI doc will so help you!
Your question:  Do you guys have vision problems? I have astigmatism, and I have lots of blurry vision and floaters sometimes but I now attribute that to my POTS since the eye Doctor really can't offer much help.

Erin: I love your idea! And you subs are most definitely part of our blog crew. You play an important role! I think that we should do it! I love it! I also hope that your geneticist appointment today goes well. Keep us posted on how things go. I said a prayer for you and your mom! Your question: Has anyone had difficulty with weight gain/loss since their diagnosis of POTS or starting new medications? Yes, I think the POTS or Dysautonomia messes with our metabolism. I think when I first got sick (I have a hard time remembering that far back) I did gain a couple pounds but I think that was just because I wasn't allowed to play sports anymore or be active. More recently I lost weight since all of my GI problems got bad. Now, I am generally maintaining.:).

Rhianne: Feel better darling! Rhianne had been in the ER recently, so HUGS! 

My question: Does anyone know of any natural remedies for headaches?
I have headaches, my friend is looking for natural remedies for hers, my parents have headaches, my sister has headaches...Ahhh, everybody has headaches! This is really a random question and it's not because my headaches have been worse, I am just curious! I feel like Silver Hydrosol helps with mine, at least the ones from allergies. Thanks guys!
Have a wonderful weekend!

~Hannah (Miranda, I need to get going and save my sig from one of my old posts like you said haha)

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