Friday, July 29, 2011


Hey guys! My mouth is doing better, and I go back to the oral surgeon on August 3 (next Wednesday) for a check up. My cheeks are almost back to normal, except for the bruising. And then next Friday I finally get to have my upper GI series done! I'll be making a video about that soon, and I'll attempt to film it. My chest pains haven't been so bad, but I think that's just because I've only been eating soft pretzels and bananas & peanut butter. The regurgitation is still the same, I had a panic attack the other day because I took a pill and it came back up and got stuck. I've had some tremors, but not full body one's, usually just my arms or legs. I'd really like to get an EEG done to see if I'm having seizures.

I really can't think right now, I am so tired, even though I just took a 5 hour nap, so onto the questions!

Rhianne: I know you didn't have a question but I just wanted to put this on here for you : )

Michelle's Question: What do you think is the hardest part about having a chronic illness? 
I think it'd probably be not being able to do things that I want to do, in the way I want them. But it's not like I'm just going to give up on what I want to do, just because I have chronic illnesses.

Hannah's Question: When (if) you have tremors, do your eyes roll, do you go “in and out” like your not there then you are, do you have trouble speaking, do you get dizzy and have weakness so bad you can’t walk after? It depends on how bad mine are, my eyes roll when I'm having a really bad one (like in the oral surgeons office), but when they're that bad I can barely remember them.  With the usual ones that I have I do have the trouble speaking (and thinking), dizziness and weakness; those ones are usually just in my legs and/or arms.
About the liquid food: I have to be really careful with the food I eat, because if there's too much acidity in it my tongue will swell and it makes regurgitation worse. 
I almost forgot, but thank you so much for the card and slushie! That was so sweet : ) I was so out of it when you came over, so you'll have to come over some time when I'm not in pain or on pain killers.

Cheyanne's question: Do you all get brain fog and how long does it last? Yes, I get it really bad and I have it a lot. Sometimes I'll just go through out the day saying weird stuff or I can't even add 2+2. 

Enough of my rambling...Until next time,

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