Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Miss You Guys Already!

Hi guys.  Not feeling well at all.  The trip was five days long, and two of those days were just traveling. I got pretty sick from sensory overload the day before we left, so I was already sick before we even got in the car. I think Hannah and I had a good time though, and it was wonderful to see Miranda too!
I'm still not feeling well right now, and I'm having problems regulating my body temperature constantly. I have to be very careful not to fall alseep with a blanket on, or my temperature goes up fast!

We also quick braided friendship bracelets, and we decided that you guys and any one else who posts on the blog is welcome to friendship bracelets too. I love to make friendship bracelets so if you guys want them too (or Hannah and Miranda if yours fall off) just let me know and I'll make one.

Today my temperature went up higher than it ever did on the trip, I decided to rest on the couch with a blanket for a little while and my temperature went up to 104! I was only under the blanket for 2 hours, I can't believe my fever went up so fast!
I'm too tired to look at questions, sorry.
hope everyone's feeling better than me!

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  1. It looks like you three had so much fun :)
    **This is a stupid question, but I assume you all live in the same state?**
    I wish I had somewhere here who had the same symptoms! I bet that is so nice to have each other!

    P.S. I love making bracelets and anything crafty - hence the teaching degree ; )