Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hold on, baby you're loosing it

This week has been crap.

There is no nicer way to phrase it then crap. 

So I am going to start with my week.

On Monday, I did schoolwork and then when over to a friend's place to get help in Maths. I was pushing myself but I wasn't going to admit that.

Tuesday I did schoolwork in the morning and then in the afternoon I crashed really hard. I went to watch Angus, thongs and perfect snogging but even that seemed too hard for me so I went to sleep and didn't eat anything for dinner.

Wednesday, ah the wonderful joys of Wednesday. Worst. Pots. Day. Ever. As you guys know I spent Wednesday night in the ER. I got to the point at home, where I couldn't speak, or even crawl. So Mum drove me in and they put me straight in via the ambulance entry in a wheelchair.

The doctor I saw was really good. He didn't know of Pots but he did some quick research and decided to give me an IV and also check my salt/potassium levels.

I got three litres overnight and managed to walk out of the hospital Thursday morning where I slept all day. 

The next bit I will be lazy and copy and paste from my blog...

We left at 3am Friday to drive to Sydney and we had some time to kill before we got there so we went for a drive around Sydney Habour and around the bridge and opera house. I don't have pictures sorry! The iPod was flat.

Then we went shopping and I'll post a seperate post about that experience.

It was pretty unproductive actually, I don't understand why they got me down there in my opinion.

Both my parents were in the room, as well as my professer, his registar and my social worker.

We talked about pacing and how I shouldn't overdo it. Haha, comes from the people who made me overdo it against my own will during my last admission.

I got posturals done, weight and height. My weight has gone up a bit after my recent weight loss and my height is 174cm I think. 

I blacked out a few times going to the next room where they did all that stuff. When I got back my breathing was all over the place and my heart was pounding. I was    dizzy as and everything was shaking.

The appointment ended and my
social worker and professer left. His registar was filling out some forms for us.

When we went to leave, I stood up and collasped into my chair, blacking out. Dad tried to help me up but I just crashed into him hard and fainted. Tried again, ditto. 

The registar came back to return the forms and the OT came and got me a chair.

They sent me home like that.

They sent me home unable to walk, stand or speak one sentence.

Anyway car ride home, bad earthquake vertigo had to crawl into my Aunty's house where we stayed. I threw up four times. Then went to sleep.

Then I came home Saturday. Yesterday, I can't remember what I did. And today is still shit as. I have fainted like everyday this week and my tremors and vertigo have been so bad. School goes back on Tuesday so I hope I can return. I go back to hospital for a two week admission on August 1st.

This post is turning out to be...long. Sorry guys.

Trixie is doing well and is getting along with my labrador. Just thought I'd mention that.

So now, finally! let's get on to the questions shall we? 

Logei asked: does nutrition have a big impact on your symptoms? 
Yes. It does. I find whenever I eat crap (chocolate, junk food, excetra) I feel so bad and tachy and everything. 
Erin asked: Any weight loss or gain since pots?
Since starting on my SSRI I have lost five kilos in a few short weeks.
Hannah: Any natural remedies for headaches? 
Water? Sorry I don't get headaches. True fact about me: I will only get a headache when I am about to throw up. :) it's useful when nausea is a symptom but if i have a headache its like pass me that bucket! 

My question is: are you a fainter/if so give me some advice! 

Yeah I haven't been a fainter since Wednesday. 

And haha I have a funny fainting story. Okay I was talking to my Dad in the hallway and I go to faint so I go to grab hold of him around the neck except I miss-punching him in the face! I regain consciencness to ah! you bitch! haha it was really funny. It was revenge for when he was zapping me in my wheelchair on Friday causing me to spill a bottle of water on myself.

Well I am going to go because this post is way too long and I am sorry for that.


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