Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Feeling Better

I decided to try a raw liquid diet a little while ago... it actually seemed to help alot! I tried making some healthier protein/nutrition shakes using a raw protein powder and drinking those instead. I definitely feel better drinking those instead of the junk that I usually have! Some of my symptoms have actually gotten better, I have more energy, and I'm stronger too! I've actually built some muscle, and my skin has cleared up some too.

One of my goldfish died today though, so I haven't been in the best mood.

Francesca's question: I have absolutely no idea.

Hannah's question: My traveling essentials are ear plugs, sunglasses/contacts, something with calories to drink so I don't get light headed, and a sweater or a hoodie. I need to carry a sweater with me even when its warm out, I never know when there will be temperature changes or if I'll have a chill.

Miranda's question, I usually do have vision problems, but I really haven't had any this week.

Rhianne's question..... hmmm thats a tough call between swimming and horseback riding.

My question : aside from Hannah...Does nutrition have a huge impact on your symptoms?


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  1. I think I might just have to try raw again since you are having such good results! Thank you for sharing those with us :). And don't worry, we will accommodate our POTSy selves when we get together! <3