Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Update from Rhianne

Guys I know it isn't even my day (it's Rhianne not Cheyanne) but I figured I would do a quick post now why I have the energy (even though Hannah who I just skyped with may doubt this). Anyway, I have been soooooooo Potsy recently and it sucks! I have fainted every week this term at school and more faints at home. Tuesday, I fainted up the stairs at school and an ambulance was called. I was running a mild fever 37.5 my normal body temp is 35 and my heart rate was spaz. When I got to the ER lying down my pulse was jumping from around 55 to 100. When I stood it went from 60-130 I think, then it just jumped around the place. They were transfer me but my prof said just to send me home. :) I Am probably getting admitted to the children's hospital sometime soon. Thinking of all you girls, Rhianne.

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