Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hey, all

I'm really sorry! I keep forgetting, or something comes up, etc etc and I can't post! It's been really crazy. I've had a LOT of issues with school, who, despite telling me I could basically not go to school for all of 4th quarter and still graduate, decided to pull me aside three days before finals, when I was in the middle of an episode, and say I might not graduate. -_- And then I've been having issues with my mother, and yeah. *waves hand*

Michelle: Congrats! I'm sorry about your legs. =/ I think one high school memory I'll never forget is....Huh. Y'know, I dunno. I'm trying to think of a good one, but I'm not sure...Two come to mind: For a senior prank one year, someone let out crickets in every bathroom and another set a chicken loose in the school. *rolls eyes* Another that comes to mind is...Well, I hope a high school memory I'll never forget, in a good way, will be the All Night School Party coming up. I'm hoping I can last, and I won't have too many side-effects from it. =)

Cheyanne: I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. =( Good luck with the doctor! I hope things work out well. *hugs gently* I do have eye problems. Sometimes my vision will fade in and out, or things will get blurry, even if I'm wearing my glasses. They also do something weird, like, they'll jerk back and forth really fast at random moments. I haven't been able to figure out what that is.

Michelle K: Heya! I'm sorry. =( I hope you're feeling a little more recovered from the Tilt Table Test today. I've had two TTT. The first I passed out before given anything to help it along. The second, I did not pass out, but my pulse dropped to 54 and then jumped to 186. I was not on medication for either.

Sending everyone virtual hugs and spoons!

Hayden (Jsyk, I changed my name, in case you're confused. Used to be Emily. ^.^)

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