Friday, May 25, 2012

Michelle R in the house!

Hey everyone!
It's been a while, but I'm back tonight. I've been keeping myself busy lately with taking pictures for everyone!
I'm also in my final days of high school...I know, finally! I'm oober excited but I'm also kinda nervous. Which brings us to my main issue right now. My legs. >.<
They have been giving me major trouble lately and I have no idea why. They just get so weak super fast and it's super annoying. OH! And my mother is convinced this sort of vitamin type thing will help with my fibromyalgia pain, but so far nothing. It's a God-awful little pill and it's super gross.

Moving on...I had a photo shoot today and it went very well, but of course I'm super tired. My friend's momma even gave me like 20 dollars extra which was super awesome of her.
Here's a shot I like.

They were super cute to shoot <3

My question to you all is what is one High school memory you'll never forget?
Hope y'all have great weekends and a mucho amount of spoons<333\
Michelle R

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