Friday, May 18, 2012

Sending Smiles To Y'all :)

Hey guys!

I would like to make a video, but I have too bad of a headache... Maybe next time :)
Anywho, you guys know I switched to 80mg of Propranolol and unfortunately, after five days I started feeling ill from it (on the night of the fifth day). I was getting really low blood pressure (bottom numbers in the 40's) and my pulse wasn't really compensating. I also got really sick with my stomach that night too, I am not sure if it was from the medicine or a virus, but it didn't feel good either way!

Now I am on just the 5mg of Midodrine, four times a day and my normal meds. I am still on 10mg of Lexapro and I have hopes of being able to leave it behind- but I'm beginning to wonder if I should go back to 20mg until we at least figure this other medicine business out. I am getting some of my body pain and GI issues back as well as some other things. My cardiologist actually called me to discuss my Midodrine with me while I was writing this and I shared with him that some of my symptoms were returning since going down on the Lexapro and he wants me to take 15mg and I am suppose to remain on my current dosage of  Midodrine- but will need another halter since I've been experiencing more irregular heart beats. So we shall see how that goes!

I am also needing to get my wisdom teeth removed, I have been determined to live with them- but now I am experiencing pain from them so I understand why they need to come out :). It's a bit complicated though because of the precautions my cardiologist would like us to take- which I am happy he's making sure I'm taken care of. He wants me to have IV saline infusion 3 hours before the procedure, during, and 6 hours after- however, I'm not sure he knew that I was going to be awake. So, after the Doctors talk to each other  I guess I will know for sure if I am still doing that haha. I'm nervous but definitely need them out so I'm just going to try and take it as it comes!

I hope everyone is okay, there haven't been many posts :(.

Erin: What is your favorite phone/ iPad app or what is something "fun" you would recommend to do when you are home and feeling icky?   I have been thinking about this question since I saw your post :) Some iPhone/iPad/iPod apps I like are Scrabble, Saving Yello (free- at least when I got it lol), puzzle games are fun too! I also like crochet- and as odd as it sounds, I like to study haha. I like to pop out a book(s) and use other materials to learn about something that interests me. Lately it's been different things in the Bible. And I've recently discovered how fun it can be to read a novel for fun (and not for school- Haha).

Also, I am sorry to hear things aren't the most stress-free for you lately. I know times are trying right now and I send you lots of love. I'm sorry for your recent loss :( <3. Please know I am here if you need absolutely anything! And I will certainly send someone your way if I cross paths with someone who is in a similar boat as you healthwise. Keep hanging in there <3.

Logan: I don't believe you had a question, but I hope your stomach issues get better <3 and I am happy to hear that your sensitivity issues have been improving lately! <3.

Cheyanne: What is your favorite song? I have a few, haha Trip Lee has his new CD so I have been enjoying it. He has it up on Rapzilla's Youtube channel for listening if anyone is interested :).

Also, I'm sorry to hear that your POTS symptoms are returning- that is no good at all. Keep hanging in there. I hope you can soon take your brace back off too :) <3.

Miranda: I don't believe you had a question either, but it was so good to see a post from you! I'm sorry to hear that you are having relapses with anxiety and depression. I know that has to be so hard to deal with but you are such a trooper! I understand a level of it (I believe I used to have OCD- and to a degree now, but I have been working really hard at it and the associated anxieties, or even anxieties unrelated, and I praise Yahweh/God that I am improving so much. So, there is hope!). Keep hanging in there and finding what works for you, I know the trial and error of it though can't be fun :(.

Enjoy the fact that school is almost out! 

My question for you guys is... You know how we like to have a day to ourselves every now and again and do a 'marathon' of what we love? What do you do? Like for me, I might watch some of my geeky survival shows, do a craft, etc. and  just enjoy being able to rest. How about you all? I used to love having free Fridays before I got really sick, I would spend the evening watching HGTV (Home and Gardening TV) and craft/paint/sculpt until I went to bed. Even if I was doing something fun, I would always feel sad if I missed a Friday to myself because I'd have to wait a whole 'nother week for another one- haha.. But now that I am sick, I find these "do my favorite things and relax" days a time to mentally and emotionally recoup from the stresses of chronic illness (and many may think these days are everyday since we're sick and at home all the time- haha- but not so, I mean when we specifically take a day or evening where we feel up to it, to do our favorite thing(s) ). I suppose before getting sick they were even some what of recouping for the next week kind of days.

Until Next Time... <3

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