Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sun Poisoning!!

Long time, no post! My internet is still refusing to be cooperative, so right now it's 2:30 am and I'm in the family room which is the only place I can get internet long enough to post.

In reference to the title, my dad and I launched our new boat, Tallulah, on Friday. We were just expecting to have it put in the water then go home; but we ended up having problems with the engine to we stayed longer and went out sailing for a bit. Seeing as I wasn't expecting on being out I only had sun block on my face (which I wear every day). By the time we came back, which was only a few hours, I was severely burnt. The following days the pain from the burn made it pretty impossible to move, let alone sleep. The blisters on my shoulders and back just started busting yesterday, so I finally started peeling.

Backtracking a bit.. I went to my schools baccalaureate service, then later participated in graduation. At my school we have a candle lighting ceremony during graduation where a senior will light a torch and all the juniors will light our candles from said torch; it's to symbolize the succession of juniors to seniors. I wasn't expecting to cry so much at graduation, but it was really crazy to see all of these people that I've had such a close relationship with graduating. It still doesn't even feel real that I'm a senior.

Staying on the topic of school, I'm going into my local community college so I can talk with an adviser to see what classes I should be taking in the upcoming year. I'm planning on homeschooling almost everything, then if all goes well, possibly taking enough college classes to get an Associates Degree as well as my high school diploma.

On Tuesday I met with one of my teachers (the one whose class I was failing) and had a tutoring session with her. She gave me some tests to take home to complete, so I can have a grade that's high enough for me to get my credit for the class. Luckily my homeschool review isn't until the end of the month so I'll have time to finish up all of that.

I'll skip to the questions now, so I don't ramble anymore.

You know how we like to have a day to ourselves every now and again and do a 'marathon' of what we love? What do you do? I like to read, but my vision (and attention span) isn’t that great so that doesn’t last for long. If that fails I’ll usually watch a marathon of some TV show on Netflix.

Have you had a Tilt Table Test? If you have had more than one, have you ever had one on medication? I have only had one. And that was the day when I was actually diagnosed with POTS, so I wasn’t on any meds for it (and still am not).

Do any of you have eye problems? YES!! I have the same problems as you do (Cheyanne) but I don’t have perfect vision. The thing is that I’m nearsighted, so I shouldn’t have problems with reading up close.

What is one high school memory you'll never forget? Probably all of my choir trips, especially this one.

For those of you with anxiety problems, have you noticed that it gets worse at a certain of the day of year? Not really. My OCD used to be so bad that I could barely function (I mean like repetitive movements, hand washing up to 30+ times a day and compulsive thoughts; at one point it was so bad that I was refusing to eat.) I've had a pretty bad relapse where almost all my old symptoms are slowly coming back. Hopefully by my psychiatrist appointment on the 4th it doesn’t accelerate too much and I can be put on new/more meds.

My question: Have you ever gone to or considered therapy/counseling? I used to go for almost 3 years then I improved and stopped going; but that was before POTS got worse. Now I’m really considering going back to at least weekly sessions (I used to go 3x a week).

Have a lovely week,

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