Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I can't really read the posts right now (major headache) but when it is gone I will get back on and read them.

Something is going on with my neck. Every time I get this neck pain, then I get a headache. The headache pretty much subsides when I lay down. It is strange. This headache makes me want to puke.

Anyways, hopefully next week I will make a longer post! My rheumatologist at Shands is sending me over to genetics to get tested for the types of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome that can be tested for. He also is sending me to PT at the end of this month. There I will get orthotics and braces for certain joints. I have a feeling I will be in a hip brace or some weird contraption to get my legs back to normal. My legs are all turned inwards. My kneecaps nearly touch when I stand and my feet also are turning in.


Do any of you get carsick? Do you take Dramamine? 
I occasionally do get carsick if I am reading or turned around in my seat talking to someone. I used to take Dramamine for nausea that was not from carsickness and from what I can recall it did help a tad bit. Although, you may have weird reactions to it depending on how your body is with that stuff. When I take it I act like I'm on something and act all crazy and weird. hahaha. After that wears off then I am sleeping for the rest of the day because it knocks me out.

My Question: Are any of you all on a beta blocker? If so, how did you react with it?

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  1. Cheyanne <3 I'm sorry you were feeling so bad Hun, I think I actually get a similar headache! With the pukey feeling too! I think for me it's muscle strain or pressure point (like the fibro points) 'cause I get 'em sometimes if I tie my head wraps too tight!

    Haha I just realized our questions are like the same... Whoops! I just started one a couple days ago... Propranolol 120mg, that didn't go so well (I'll be posted on my blog about it in more detail when I'm on my laptop) however, I am trying a lower dose tomorrow at 80mg and taking it in the morning instead of evening, so I'm hoping that'll go better! I'm taking it with salt and midodrine too!