Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SPOONS, I almost forgot about those!

Hey guys its meeee, sorry for the late post again, I was tired and not feeling well last night so I just went to bed. I think I also skipped a week or 2 ago, so me and Christine are all confuzled about whose week it really is and we decided I would post this week. : S – yeah
 I would just answer some questions today!

Hayden/Emily?? hey its good to hear from you! I have heard of those eye movement things, I can't remember what they are called though : ( really sorry about that!

Michelle R, I'm glad it sounded like you had fun at the photo shoot! - What is a high school memory you will never forget. I remember once at another track meet I went behind the bleachers where everyone was storing their stuff, and I walked past the bleachers and I sprawled out in the grass in the big field behind them. I just listened to my ipod, and looked up at the sky, and the sun was beginning to set and everything had this amazing golden glow to it, and it was so beautiful and kind of enchanting too. I mean it was it was a strange school and a strange field and it was a place I had never been before.

Do any of you have eye problems? Yes, and I sometimes get the thing where I can't focus properly, but then it goes away later... and its totally Dysautonomia, alot of us get it! Don't worry about it.

Have you ever had a tilt table test? Yes I have, I have had 2, and I was not on medication for either.

Hannah – When you have a day to yourself, what do you have a marathon in? UMMM wow I don't really have any specifics actually. I occasionally get tv shows from the library and watch like a whole season in one day, but I don't really have a favorite.

Miranda, I LOVE – Beyond The Sea! And you looked lovely in your dress! : ) Miss you, and we still have to skype soon!

What is your favorite song? - It honestly changes all time!

- Logan.

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