Friday, May 4, 2012

Hey guys! Hannah here! I *think* it's my week to post, haha Michelle, sorry if it's your week- if it is still post anyway :) I am on my iPad ( I can't find my laptop, I think it's downstairs haha) So please excuse any typos! I will not be doing questions because of the difficulty of doing them on my iPad (and I feel sick) but I wanted to give you guys an update :) I hope everyone is okay- I have some catching up to do on the posts! (maybe ill comment with my answers to your questions, that'd be easier :) I had another tilt table test, a breathing test, and a halter and was told I was a "hard patient" but that my POTS is the hyperadrenergic kind (he seemed a biot like there was maybe more to my POtS but that I am putting off too much adrenaline) Sohe has started me in a treatment plan of 5mg Midodrine 4 times a day, every three hours. Plus a dose of Propranolol, I started on 120mg (and that didn't go well! Since I'm on my iPad it'll be hard to explain everything but I will be explains more in depth on my blog in the next few days on my laptop- to our readers, my blog is and now we are cutting back to 80mg, and I will take that in the morning instead of night. I am also suppose to get a little short of a gallon of water plus 4,600 mg of sodium. So, I am a bite overwhelmed and not feeling well as I am sure you guys know all about that haha, but God is good nonetheless and this difficult time will hopefully bring better days to come :) My question fr you guys is, is anyone on a beta locker? If so, what is it, and how have you done with it? Readers fEel free to answer too :) Until next time... -Hannah <3 (I'm gonna try going to answer the Q's on y'all's posts :)

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