Saturday, July 28, 2012

Technical difficulties

Hey my wonderful friends! I just made a whole lovely video for you guys but I did something on iMovie trying to upload and I accidentally deleted it. I guess that it wasn't meant to be, so in advance I shall apologies for my rambling as I have been awake since 4:30am? Watching the Olympics opening ceremony.

I guess that shall be my question: Do you guys watch the Olympics?

My week has been kind of crap compared to last week. However, I ran! For three minutes! Yay! I actually have a good level of fitness, the only thing that stops me is the pots monster. I have been trying to do wiifit every day (or Another form of exercise), to help improve my standing tolerance(so far not working as I had three faints this week! And not hot guys caught me!)

Anyway, moving on. School has been going okay for me. It has been a bit hard with my brainfog but I am actually doing good in my classes for the first time in two years. The other day in Maths I got a question right that nobody else did. Even though I have to work a lot harder then everyone else (unlike everyone else I donthave the luxury of part time jobs or hanging out with friends often) but Atleast the hard work is paying off.

In terms of the other aspects of my life, I got to hang out with my friends on Wednesday after extension but I wish I could do more instead of sit at home and do nothing.

Anyway munckins, I shall wrap up these posts with the questions:

Cheyanne: my personality Type is ETSJ which describes me very well.

Hannah: YES! I have horrible communication issues I swear I must make a terrible impression of myself. I lose thought midsentene and all the other things you mentioned.

Love you forever and always,

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