Friday, July 20, 2012

An okayish week...long overdue

Hey guys I actually haven't had that bad a week from memory. After being taken of my 30mg of flouxentine and being put back on 20mg my headaches have disappeared leaving me to think that the culprit was the medicine. How come drugs most of the time cause more harm then good?

I am doing this post on a study break, I have heaps of schoolwork to do, mostly a Biology assignment on Australian mega fauna. You guys would probably find my report highly amusing! I want to get it done today, so hopefully, fingers crossed, I can hang out with friends tomorrow!

It was first week back and I can't believe I only have 10 weeks left before I start Year 12. Ah! Scary!

I had one day off because I couldn't really get up and go. I also fainted on Thursday which really, truly and honestly sucked! My whole year was along that hallway because we are all scheduled to have maths at the same time and I swear everyone saw me go down, embarrassing right? Luckily my friends helped me and this really nice guy helped me get to sickbay.

Anyway I need to finish this report so I shall answer the questions so I can be gone.

Do you have bradycardia? Yeah I have caught my pulse in the 40s which is Absoulutely scary! I have no advice other then stand up.

Do you eat meat and how do you tolerate it? I tolerate unprocessed meat fine however things like sausages, parties etc seem to mess me up a tad.

Do your knees hurt when you have blood pooling? Not that I have noticed.

My question is what tv shows do you watch?
At the moment I watch the news and occasionally Home and Away, don't judge.


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