Friday, July 13, 2012

Electric Shock Therapy Is Wonderful

Hello readers! As you may or may not have noticed, I've been absent from pretty much everything for like the past few weeks. The main reason is that my internet/WiFi decided to go completely out, so there was no internet until we got a new router. Plus I've been really busy with planning for school visits, vacation and such. 

Anyway, I've been going to physical therapy twice a week and it's awesome. Today (actually yesterday) I mainly worked on my thigh muscles and am doing exercises to reduce the amount of hyper extension in my knees. Each time I get electric shock therapy (I think it's called electrical muscle stimulation) on my knees/thighs, the point of doing this is that when I get the shocks I'm supposed to tighten my leg muscles, which will eventually help with the pain in my knees. On Wednesday I went sailing, and my knees were hurting from it so we kind of kept it easy. I'll put up pictures of some of the exercises on my main blog, so it's easier to understand. 

I have to be up in a few hours to take an exam at college so  I'll move onto the questions.

Do you feel like you are more mature than others your age? Yes, but I still have my immature moments.

If you had a few hours to do anything you wanted without experiencing symptoms, what would it be? I'd want to run, I've never been able to run because of asthma and now dysautonomia, or I'd want to drive without feeling like my heart's going to pound out of my chest.

How often do you feel like you cannot breathe? Every time I get pre syncope, which is more often now because it's so hot outside.

How do you do when you are in the sun? I'm ok, as long as I have sunglasses or I'll get the blood pooling and dizziness like Hannah described.

Do you avoid eye contact when you’re having muscle jerks? I don't really have noticeable muscle jerks anymore, but I tend to get them in the doctors like when they're listening to my heart.

How much independence do you have? Not much, but I don't really mind it since it won't be like that for much longer.

What medications are you on for POTS/Dysautonomia and what dose? None, but I used to be on quite a few. Occasionally I'll take a salt tab, but I have to watch those cause they mess up my stomach.

Have a nice weekend, 
Miranda :)

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