Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kissing concrete and miscellaneous adventures

So I was packing for Sydney and I was like "oops! I have to post". I am leaving for Sydney first thing tomorrow so hopefully that goes down well, everyone is going except Dad who is staying to do some DIY stuff and clean out the garage. My sister wasn't going to come but then she decided Sydney sounded better then cleaning out the garage.

This week I haven't done that much actually. I finished an English Essay which I had an extension on and I finished my English Story as well (I take two English courses). I still have Health work to do but I shall do that when I get home.

I got to hang out with a friend on Wednesday which was fun even though I am not up to doing much at the moment. I also go to go in to town on Thursday twice once to go to the gym and the library and the second time I had a doctors appointment. Yesterday, I skyped with Logan which was great. Today, I just cleaned out my wardrobe, packed and layed around home and watched Gilmore Girls (I love that show too Erin, I bought the first season on iTunes like a week ago).

Anyway, as for the stupid doctors appointment I had on Thursday, it was just to get a script filled. My doctor told me though I need to find a way to relax and playing sport would help. He suggested softball.

(FYI, that isn't the stupidest thing he has ever told me).

I am going to answer the questions from this week:
Erin: FEEL BETTER! Your life just seems crazy and I have never had a bone marrow test.

Hannah: Hope you and your Mom and your "smelly" dogs are okay. You asked about going out in the sun? I love the sun. The summer makes me feel better.

Logan: I'm thinking of you guys.

Cheyanne: And you need to feel better soon. I shall make you a bubble eventually. I always feel like I am out of breath and like every week or so get an unable o breath attack.

Quote: start living for something worth dying for-paradise fears

My question this week for you guys is: do you find you are more mature then others your age?
ApprAntly I always have been so it's not a having a chronic illness thing. I am logical, well spoken and assertive, nobody ever thinks I am 16. Haha when I was 14 I went with my parents to the voting place and people were pressuring to vote for their party. HAHA they were stunned that I was only 14 at the time

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