Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hey late poster alert.

Its meeeeee. I was going to post yesterday.. and obviously didn't do it. O_O
Not much has changed, I'm just trying to make the best of summer : ). It occurred to me the other day that we all have silly things that we do for fun, even though we are not feeling well. For me painting my nails is a big one : ) I don't know why, its small, its stupid, but it makes me smile to have my nails painted obnoxious colors and patterns.

Oh and when I'm feeling up to it and the weather is tolerable just sitting outside and enjoying the grass and the sky and the sunshine can completely change my mood.

Rhianne: no I have not been watching the Olympics.

Cheyanne - my results : ) - INFJ - "Author". Strong drive and enjoyment to help others. Complex personality. 1.5% of total population. I found the quiz really interesting, I never had to answer questions like that before, and I realized that even though I tend to listen to my thoughts more than my feelings, I often value compassion more than competence, and feelings more than thoughts in general.  That's just weird. lol 

Hannah - Sometimes I struggle with speech problems, not so much any more but I still have my days where I trip over my words like crazy, I also sometimes have a hard time just getting my thoughts out in any way that makes sense and I probably come off so weird to others, like Rhianne said I sometimes must make awful first impressions on the rare occasions i get to make them lol.  


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