Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's Cheyanne posting late!

Sorry, I forgot yesterday. Nothing interesting has been happening with me. I have been trying to finish my online classes before school begins again. Today I went to the cardiologist. The atenolol is working fabulously! I love it. :) My other issues like my irregular beats and chest pain have not cleared up. I am sure they are not POTS episodes because they are too consistent. He put a holter monitor on. We'll see what becomes of that. I don't want him to find anything wrong, but I don't want him to find nothing and think I am faking it all or something. I know that y'all know how that goes. They had ran out of holters, so we killed time at the mall. My mom and I have been on the hunt for shoes. My lovely Marfanoid body causes my feet to be extremely narrow and long for a person of my size. Shoes in narrow sizes are not very prevalent. I wound up buying a pair of boots. They weren't narrow, but if I lace them up enough and put the insoles in they fit good enough. They also come just above my ankles. That helps a ton because they support me through there since my ankles are floppy.

My appointment at Shands got moved up! We will discuss the NJ then. I will probably have it for about a month if he agrees. The whole point of it will be to see if I would want a permanent J tube. I don't know how I would feel with a permanent one, but at least I will know that the option is always available to me.

I cannot believe that school starts in less than two weeks. That is scary. I do not want to go back to the high school. Ugh. I'm praying that going to the college for another class will be a positive experience for me. I'll at least get a change of scenery. I hope my body can handle two classes. The college class is only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which makes it easier.

My Question: What do you all want to do after high school/college? 
It's okay if you don't have an answer. I just cannot think of a question, but I want to ask one. :) I want to be a music journalist. They are the people who interview the musicians, write critiques, etc. Or maybe even a connective tissue geneticist who deals with Ehlers Danlos, Marfans, Loeys-Dietz, etc. I am sick of doctors, so I don't know if I could ever go into the medical field. 

I hope y'all are feeling okay. God bless xx

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