Wednesday, November 23, 2011

short post.

My eyes have been super dilated for no reason ever since I woke up this morning. My mom said I look like a vampire. Ha! I have been having a fantastic heart day today so I went to the mall. Now I am at home with a heating pad wrapped around my knee because it hurts so badly.

I have been pretty bummed this whole week because non of my "friends" talk to me anymore. The ones I thought were going to actually stick by me have chosen other people. That is fine I guess. I understand.

Logan's Question: Are you hard to stick for IV's?
No not really.

I can totally sympathize with the doctors thinking it is all in your head. When I went to the Mayo Clinic the doctor told me I had an eating disorder. That was back when I was 90 pounds and they were about to tube feed me. I'm at 101 now. Once a certain food made me super sick I wouldn't eat it anymore and just about everything did and I guess that is why they thought that.

Erin's Question: Have you ever had a sleep study done before?
Nope! One test I have not had before. :) hahaha.

Miranda's Question: Do you get dry, wrinkly hands?
I do not.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving tomorrow!!! :)

God bless!

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