Thursday, November 24, 2011

Early Post

Hey ladies!
Sorry Miranda to be posting on your night but I thought I'd forget tomorrow!
I hope you all are doing well!
This week has been so... Different symptom wise! I was in a car for 6 hours on Saturday to go see my new nephew, Jude (YAY!!!!!), and then 6 hours back, and I did pretty great! Then later in the week I could barely stand. Then yesterday I got a bit better, and today, I did great! I was energetic and just...well...great! Then I got sick before thanksgiving dinner at my uncles and have been in my recliner haha.

We increased my Lexapro to 20 mg, and I do notice a bit of a difference, I'm still quite sick but I feel like I'm a bit more stable. However, the improvements so far are not nearly as good as with the Prozac, but I've only been on 20mg for close to a week...So I gotta give it some time!
My heart rate lately has been a lot higher than usual, getting into the 140's just from walking around. However, I'm hoping to see improvement since we just upped my dosage.

On to the questions :)

Rhianne: (For the readers, she made a video!) How do you celebrate Christmas? Well, before Christmas we celebrate Hannukah! We have some Hebrew blood running through our veins!  But we do not celebrate it in the true traditional way, we have our own little spin on it. Then as far as Christmas goes, for a number of days leading up to it we usually open stockings, but now that we're all old (lol) I'm not sure if we're still going to do that. We do some of the traditional things like cookie making and decorating, decorating the tree as a family, etc. And we go to my uncles on Christmas Eve, and I like to sleep by the tree. We open gifts, my Dad makes us some breakfast and we just hang out after that :).

I don't remember everything you said in your video but I hope you are doing okay :).

Francesca: Feel better! I'm sorry you are doing so bad!

Cheyanne: I wish you the best with figuring out everything with the dual enrollment. I'm sorry things aren't going so well with your friends. I completely understand, I've been there and still am there. At first I was so upset because I felt like since my friends didn't understand, so they probably thought I was ditching them all the time. Then I got angry because I felt like they should understand, and now, I am definitely a work in progress but I am coming to a place where I am able to begin the healing process and let go of the hurt and the ill and poisonous feelings and realize that it is okay if they don't understand. It's okay if they cannot listen to me talk about my health issues, however, that is a huge part of my life- and I have nothing to feel guilty about, so if they are unable to accept that- it hurts, but it's okay. It's okay for them to move on and I don't have to feel like I ruined the friendship because I got sick. I think forgiveness is BIG in situations like this, for the sake of friendships that can be renewed, and for the sake of yourself.

Your question, Do you ever get a feeling like a limb is vibrating? Don't worry, you're not crazy haha, YES, I have. Even my whole body at times! I haven't found anything yet to combat it, just distraction and fluids. I think it is a form of tremors? Maybe internal tremors.

Miranda: I'm glad you had a good birthday week :). I'm disappointed still, to hear about everything with your Doctors, I'm hoping things get better for you soon. Hang in there, okay? :).

Your question, Are your hands extremely dry or wrinky? Not now, but my hands used to get scaly and crack open and blend and they would hurt so bad. They still get dry and wrinkly at times but don't really crack. I use a lot of oil though (almond and olive) so that may be why!

Erin: Girl, I hope things are going well with school and everything! I have not heard of that drug that your Doctor is thinking of putting you on. I hope you guys figure things out with that! =))

Your question, Has anyone been to a sleep specialist or had a sleep study before? The only ones I've had, have been the ones to check for seizures. In December though, I get an overnight (at least I think it's one night!) hospital stay for a sleep study because of my insomnia.

Logan: Girl, I am praying for you and hoping that things improve. I feel for you and am staying hopeful about your tummy troubles. Keep hanging in there girl, it's gonna be okay! <3

Your question, Are any of you hard to stick for IV's or blood draws? Yes! I've gotten fished in looking for veins, I've had to have my hands warmed up to get any blood from them, and yeah! Luckily I have not had to have my feet stuck into yet!

Michelle R: (For the readers, she made a video!) I know you are nervous about your appointment, but try to relax and know it'll be okay :) I'm hopeful! I'll say a prayer, too :). Your question was, What do you want for Christmas this year? I am talking to my parents about an inexpensive exercise bike, or maybe some yarn/fabric, or some Bibles :).

My Question: What's your favorite Christmas song? Post it if you can!  (To the subs, feel free to pop your head in here and post yours too!)
I have a few but this is one of my favorites:

Stay safe tomorrow on Black Friday to anyone whose going out shopping!
Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for all of you guys!!! Readers too :)


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