Monday, November 21, 2011

Oops. Late Post :/

Hiii girls :) 
I just had my four month update with my autonomic neurologist last Thursday!
(Blood test results are back until later today)

He isn't changing any of my meds as of "right now" but I am getting referred to a Sleep Specialist and a Pulmonologist.

Why a sleep specialist?
Well he wants to put me on modafinil.
Has anyone heard of that drug? It is to help me stay alert and awake.
I am tired all the time!!!!!
He thinks I actually have narcolepsy or possibly sleep apnea.

More about that intersting story later! 
I have to go to school :)

Why a pulmonologist? breathing is worse. 
I am now wheezing, even when stationary.
I've actually been to three in my life thus far. They all have different opinions...
This woman is supposed to be the best, so lets hope :)

 Cheyanne: What exercises do you do? I know, I know, I should exercise. I try to just walk as much as I can, but as for a specific exercise plan...I have none :/
Hannah: What headache remedy do you find most effective? I really don't like taking OTC medicine if I can avoid it. I try peppermint tea at first, heat packs, and pressure point massages. I also like to make sure the room is completely dark and noise-free. If all fails and it's completely uncontrollable, I will take some medicine

Miranda: Are your hands extremely dry and wrinkly? My hands gets extremely dry! I have a lot of creases in my hands...they aren't quite wrinkles, but more like deep lines?
(okay, that probably made absolutely no sense. its early, excuse my writing!)

My Question: Has anyone been to a sleep specialist or had a sleep study before? 

I hope you all are have "okay" weeks! 
This cold weather is sure a killer. 
We never can win...
Heat is a killer.
Cold is a killer.
Stupid POTS.


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