Sunday, November 27, 2011

...and the long weekend is over

What a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend :) 
I am SO incredibly thankful to have gotten the chance to get to know each and every one of you!!

It was so nice to have a weekend full of family and love.
I didn't dare to brave the crazies for black friday.

Instead - I laid around in my pajamas, drinking some hot cocoa, watching t.v. and shopping ONLINE!
I am so thankful for the internet!


How do you celebrate Christmas? 
-Christmas Eve is spent all night with my boy and his very large family :) His family is 100% percent Mexican and they make all home-aide dishes! Their specialty is tamales... a week prior to Christmas, the whole family gets together and hand makes everything! Their motto: If you want to eat or take some to other friends/family, you must help! Many hands make light work.
-Christmas Day is spent with my family! We have casual food, everyone brings a dish and we play games and hangout all day! It's really nice :)

I hope all is well Rhianne! Take care :)

I didn't see a post, so I hope you are doing okay :)

Hi girl. Sorry you are going through a difficult time.
The issue of friends and a chronic illness is SO hard.
Truthfully, I have been sick since I was 7 and this has been a huge issue that I constantly deal with. 
I have learned that truthfully, it will never get easier. It's hard when sometimes you can feel totally fine one minute and the next minute feel like utter hell. This quick change is hard for some people to really understand (including family!) - 
I pray that things start to get better for you :) 
Let me know if there is anything I can do for you lady!!!

  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving & keep staying positive :)

You've been through so much lately! I hope things with your stomach improve :/
You have such an optimistic, wonderful contagious personality!
Keep that up - eventually things will be uphill :)
Are any of you hard to stick for IV's or blood draws? 
Oh my goodness, yes. I went through 14 IV's in a two week hospital stay. Not only is it extremely difficult to get the IV started, my veins infiltrate and give out easily!

Michelle R 
What do you want for Christmas this year? 
Hopefully your appointment went well :) 
I actually want a sewing machine & a new pair of TOMS!

Let me know how your sleep study goes! I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving girl :) 
What's your favorite Christmas song?

Breath of Heaven by: Amy Grant
This was my favorite song from grade school that we sung at our Christmas Concert.
It has been close to my heart ever since

My Question
Do any of you sew? If so do you have any tips for picking out a good (but relatively cheap) machine?

Take care ladies!!

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