Friday, November 11, 2011

Headaches Galore!

Hey ladies!
I missed a week...Again! Looks like Michelle and I (it's Hannah) have both been missing, haha.
I am not feeling so swell. Right now, I have a headache and some stomach yuck, but hey it's all good!
My parents and I went out to a convenience store and just sat at a table there and talked over some fries and a slushie for me for my headache (I find cold stuff helps!) and that was nice and needed, just to get out of the house :). I also got to go visit my grandfather who I haven't seen in I think over a year! So that was awesome, too!

I am going sometime within the next week or the week after to adjust my Lexapro. At first I noticed a ginormous difference in my pulse, and now I'm really not noticing much at all. My pulses are going up into the 130's just from walking up the stairs, which I haven't experienced in quite a while, so it's kind of surprising my body a bit. So, I think we'll be going up to 20mg! It's still hopeful! :) It comforts me because it seems that a lot of people with POTS are on Celexa, and Lexapro is very molecularly similar, it's just I can take the Lexapro but not the Celexa.

I am tired and my brain feels discombobulated (lol) so I'm going to go ahead to the questions;

Francesca: You didn't have a question, but I am glad to hear that the new medication and the IV therapy is working out for you! That's wonderful news! And YAY for the bake sale! :)

Logan: You didn't have a question either, but I am glad to hear about the protein drink, as well as the IV therapy for the next three weeks, that's awesome! I am also really hoping you get admitted and make some HUGE headway with your stomach problems, you really need it and DESERVE it girl! I hope prayer group goes better next week, and sorry that you got sick there! :(

Erin: I am sorry you are not doing so well <3 HUGS! Your question was if we had anything like your pinky tremor, or if we experience anything like that on ONE side. I get muscle fatigue that can cause tremor in  whatever muscle that was (the fatigue can come from anything from lifting a drink a wrong way, or exercise, etc). I'm sorry you're experiencing the body weirdness! I do get things like numbness and weakness on one side!

Miranda: I hope you had a blast on the field trip! That's awesome :) Your question was, does your hair fall out? Not recently, however, before I knew I was sick, I did notice some hair loss and I have heard of it in other people with POTS. I found though, after I quit using shampoo and started using baking soda to wash my hair, it started growing a lot faster, and I notice a difference when I use shampoo now, even sulfate free compared to when I go shampoo free. Personally, I have the mindset that if the shampoo is stunting my hair growth, it's probably messing with a lot more and I do know it can cause things like headaches (and cancer!), but anywho, lol I don't know if that is something that would help or not. Also, I LOVE my B vitamins for many reasons, and that definitely helps with hair, skin, and nails. I wonder though if hair loss or slow growth could relate to the fact that we are chronically dehydrated, a lot of us are malnourished and don't have enough blood in our heads most of the time.

Cheyanne: I am sorry you are doing so poorly! HUGS to you too! Also, I don't know much about genetics and gene mutations, but I am sorry to hear about that as well. Hang in there girl, don't lose hope! I'll be praying for you, and keep us updated! Your question was, what exercises do you all do? And are they easy on the joints? Before I answer this, I just want to remind you guys that I don't have EDS, so things easy on my joints, may not be easy on yours. I do pilates mainly. Some of the exercises hurt my knees, but typically they are okay. There are many ways to do pilates and I like to be creative with them, so you can tailor fit them to your needs and what you can do!

Somebody checked in? Who was it? Rhianne? Haha. Blogger needs to be nice to you!

My question, What headache remedy do you find most effective for you? Lately I've been getting horrible headaches, and I am finding B-2 takes the edge off, but I'd like to find something even more helpful. I hate taking Tylenol and Robitussin, but lately I've been surrendering and probably making my liver sad! One day I had a headache so bad, it took gently tugging my hair where ever it hurt (found that on that internet! Sounds crazy but it did help a bit!) rubbing a mixture of about 8 drops peppermint oil to an ounce of almond oil where ever it hurt that I could get too, taking OTC meds, and putting eucalyptus oil in the shower to make it tolerable. I am BIG on home remedies, so all ideas are welcome :).

All of you Dysautonomiacs (those who didn't post too!) and Dysautonomiac readers have a fabulous weekend and keep SMILING :)

Until next time...

P.S. I am really enjoying the 50k for awareness!! Whoot!