Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pinky Tremor

Hiii girls!
I have been rather absent lately and for that I apologize. 
I have been feeling a little under the weather this weekend.
EXTREMELY tired. Not like the tired 
I get these weird pinky tremors (I guess you can call it). It only happens on my left side and my pink will just shake uncontrollably. I took a video of my pink doing this that I might post later so you all can get a better idea of what I'm talking about. If I lay it flat on the ground, it stops. I still feel an odd sensation but it wont tremor. If I pick up my hand or move my hand upwards, it starts shaking like crazy again :/


Do any of you experience this? 
This happens off and on but has been something that has been occuring quite frequently in the past year. I also noticed that typically, whenever something happens, it always occurs on my left side.

Do any of you experience this or things happening particularly to ONE side?


Francesca: I haven't gone trick or treating since I was in 6th grade :/
Miranda: I have horrible trouble with my hair. I left a comment on your post about it as well. I'm sorry your going through that!

Hope everyone had a good week & if your in the US, enjoyed your extra hour to the day!

Take care,

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