Thursday, November 3, 2011

Field Trip Tomorrow!!

Tomorrow I'll be going on my first school field trip!! We're going to the Newseum and it seems really cool. I'm not sure how I'm going to be with all the walking, but apparently they have a really cool glass elevator. I'm also sick with a really bad head cold and because of POTS I don't think it's safe to take any kind of medicine (pretty much all OTC) that can mess up my blood pressure anymore.

Since it's been so cold recently, my joints have been aching a lot. But I'd much rather have aching joints then have really bad blood pooling from it being really hot outside. Earlier this week we got 5 inches of snow where Hannah and I live. We had no TV/Internet for almost two days, so I was extremely bored and slept almost the whole time :)

I don't have any more important updates, so onto the questions!

Cheyanne: My stomach does almost the same as yours!! But it happens in almost never ending cycles.

Logan: I am so happy that you get fluids and you found some good protein! All of my electrolytes/potassium and such are always wonky, but I can never find some kind of drink or powder that doesn't make me sick.

Francessa: I don't go Trick or Treating and I haven't since I was like 9. I actually really don't like Halloween.

Hannah: You didn't have a question either but I wanted to thank you for the offer :) I use EVOO for my face sometimes but I add in a bit of fresh coffee grounds.

My Question: Does your hair fall out? For the past 2-ish years my hair has been falling out in huge wads, yet I still have pretty thick and long hair.

Bis zum nächstes Mal,

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  1. Oh, girl! MY hair got SO thin. It's slowly getting better actually, but I struggled with that for quite some time! I'm sorry your loosing your hair, too :/ I lost mine when I had really low iron and severe GI issues. I wasn't getting any nutrition and nothing would work for me since my body couldn't absorb. (I know you have trouble with that, so I assume your body probably isn't absorbing either) :/

    Take care, I know it sucks!