Friday, March 29, 2013


No posts since mine so we'll just dive right in to what's happening with me :).

I have a cardiologist appointment coming up, I'm both nervous and excited. My Cardiologist actually cancelled on me, and the soonest appointment was with another Cardiologist, so I'm nervous because it's a new Cardiologist, but I'm excited because it's a new Cardiologist! Ha- hopefully you get what I'm saying. I hope he/she can offer some fresh perspective. My current Cardio is incredible, but I am hoping this Doc is less eager to prescribe me medication without first investigating more or at least starting me on small bits at a time. I've been a little traumatized (haven't most of us? Ha.) with my previous, more recent experiences with medications. I never really thought I'd be one of those Dysautonomiacs who would have a bad story about a medication... Ah, at least it took about four-five years before that happened!

I have been still having ups and downs. Lately my BP seems to be more often over 120/80, than under. And my pulse has been higher, but it's March and March doesn't seem to like me very much, so...

I'm still trying to be a crazy craft lady. Today I went and got some scrapbooking type supplies, and I've been making cute (if I do say so myself!) gift tags and cards! It's nice to have something to sit down and focus on and be productive. Ahh, its refreshing when you have a productive day, isn't it?

I have some other ideas of things I want to make, so hopefully I can do nice things with what I have now, and then maybe move on to more variety :). I'm hoping to make some awareness stuff!

Alright my lovelies, have a lovely weekend and Easter! Praise be to God for Christ's glorious sacrifice! He is risen!

Until Next Time...

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