Wednesday, March 20, 2013


So I haven't posted on here or my other blog(s) in a really long time for a multitude of reasons, so I'll just give a quick update.

In January I finally got in to see Dr Grubb. We drove through a snowstorm in whiteout conditions to get there, then spent the night and had the first appointment of the day. He was with us for almost 3 hours (and was amazing); during that time I was diagnosed with EDS Type 3/Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, which explains why I developed POTS then was put on Mestinon. My mom and I now have an ongoing joke that it's all her fault that I have so many health problems, because apparently EDS is carried from the mother.

Rewind to December, about a week before Christmas I got part of my big toe nails removed on both feet. From what I've experienced, the findings that EDS people tend to resist local anesthetic to be completely numb is true; I had twice as much novocaine then couldn't feel my toes for 20 hours instead of the usual 6. The drawback to having twice as much anesthesia is that it also had epinephrine in it, so not only did I have numb then painful toes, but it was messing with my blood pressure and pulse. My left big toe healed in about 8 weeks, while my right never did. So after two more removals/debriding and a course of antibiotics for the infection that set in, I finally saw a different podiatrist this Monday. She seems to think that it's finally starting to heal but gave me more antibiotics (which mess up my stomach more than anyone could imagine) and sent me for an x ray to be sure that the infection hasn't spread to the bone.

Other than those whole fiascoes, I've started (psycho)therapy again and am on more medication (Luvox, Prozac and Lamictal) because of the impending doom stress of going off to college in less than 5 months. After having a few sessions with my therapist, she suggested starting Cymbalta which could also help with the joint pain that I've been having, so I'll be talking with my psychiatrist about that at my next appointment.

Speaking of college, I was accepted to a college that is only about a half hour away from home, which my parents are happy about, and received over $24000 in grants and scholarships. I only plan to stay there for a year, then broaden my horizons to a school that is actually in my top picks. This Saturday is an all-day admitted students orientation thingee, so I have no idea how touring the entire college/walking around for 5 hours is going to work out. I also plan on getting disability housing (such as bottom floor, access to elevators, etc.) but I'll have to wait to get a meeting with one of the disability advisers for that to be concrete.

Anywho, I'll go onto the questions.

Logan: I'm so happy that your sensitivity is better!!

Hannah: What is your favorite "pick up" beverage? I'd usually go for some Gatorade, but only the cool blue kind (it's the best).

Until next time,

P.S. I forgot to mention that a few weeks ago I got two pet rats, which explain why the title is 'Rats', I'll share some pictures on a later post. :)

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