Friday, March 1, 2013

Hey lovelies! I'm sorry I didn't read through the last posts :(.

This past week and the week before has been very challenging. My grandma passed away and my grandfather is in the hospital at the moment. So it's been one thing after another but nonetheless God is good :)

Trough this I'm learning new coping mechanisms to deal with stress because simply put, there's too much going on to continuously have on mind... And it can be hard not to think about things when you're sick at home, you've got plenty of time to think! But I've been throwing myself mentally into things whether its crocheting, sewing, drawing, or what have you. It's teaching me in a sense to push myself beyond my limits and be more productive in order to stay sane. Now here soon I might have a total crash blow out, but we'll see!

I think us dysautonomiacs should have a bit of a conference though to see what's happening with this blog. I myself am guilty of forgetfulness and neglectful ness at times, but I think we should really come up with a game plan :) when I can think to, I plan to try to get the ball rolling :)

I love you ladies and you readers, thanks so much for taking the time to read our musings.

This is such a short post I apologize, I have a lot on my brain at current.

Until next time....

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