Friday, March 22, 2013

What Are Some Hobbies You Have?

Hey guys!

I'll start off by responding to the previous posts:

Miranda: I am glad you finally got the diagnoses of EDS, however, I'm sorry you have it :(. I think you've known for a while now, and diagnoses can be a mixture of relief (finally have an answer), yet a stress (having a new diagnoses). I'm proud of you for planning for college, good for you and go you! I'll pray for you with the stress <3 .="" actually="" anxiety="" be="" can="" feel="" frustrating="" have="" how="" i="" incredibly="" it="" know="" logically="" p="" problems="" so="" to="" too="" transfer="" understand="" what="" you="">
Rhianne: Go you for pushing through your symptoms and having a high attendance rate. You should get an award because I think for a lot us that seems virtually impossible. Ha. Whoop for Rhianne! Good for you too, reaching for your dreams and studying hard! Also, that's amazing about your vacation/holiday! :).

Alright, on to what's happening with me... Hehe.

Right now, really not a lot. Like I said in my previous post, I am trying to push my limits, and as I do that I am finding myself having more difficulty with that. This time of year just doesn't seem so nice to me. But we all seem to have our bad time of year, am I right or what?

Right now I think I have a virus... But I've been working on crochet projects throughout the day off and on, and I've enjoyed that. I'm not a big fan of non-natural fibers, I've read some things about chemicals added to our blankets and stuff (I think it was to make it fire-retardant or less flammable or something) actually causing insomnia. For a while I had been very unrealistic with how I wanted to go natural, but I think I'm coming down to the real world. I've gotten some 100% virgin wool for cheaper than its regular price (with coupons) so I'm being spoiled with that at the moment.

I read somewhere about someone explaining a healthier way to be more natural. Basically, it was mostly in respect to relationships, how it can in my own words, be overbearing. And so, that's helped me be a little more lenient and I think its better that way :). Right now I'm trying to make things to sell on since I can't work right now as some sort of means to bring in income. I've recently been blessed with some money and I'm trying to use it wisely, and thus far I've been using a bit of it to purchase things for making different things. Its really fun too, so even if I end up never selling any of it, I'm really enjoying it! And... its productive!

Alright my lovelies, I'll leave you there...
My question is (probably been asked like five times before... but they change!) what are some hobbies you have? Right now mine is basically crafts. :).

Until next time...

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