Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rhianne checks in

Hey guys.
Its Rhianne.

I will try to keep this short and sweet but I decided to make a post about everything. I haven't posted in months and months. Probably like a year I swear!

I had a really rough year last year and at my worst I could stand for two minutes without fainting. However, I still managed to maintain a really high attendence rate and I finish Year 11 with firsts or seconds in all classes (except for English).

I got better over September. I even got to go on my first family holiday since POTS! We went to a bunch of amusement parks a few hours drive north and stayed in a hotel. I managed to go on even the scariest of rides and suprisingly I didn't feel the slightest bit sick. I did have to use a wheelchair for the trip though.

I started Year 12 which is my final year of school. Its so busy. I am hoping to graduate with an ATAR mark of 90 which will easily get me into my dream course of occupational therapy! However, to get that I need to study hard.

I also need to do some extracirriculars to put on schlorships. I do karate now and I help out at the primary school. Its all really hard for me but I throughly enjoy it. The people at the Dojo (what a karate place is called apprantly) are really nice about the whole POTS thing. My fitness suprisingly isnt that far behind everyone else. I do have trouble doing some exercise things like stretches.

So I think that's my life. It's not that much but between tutoring (I have gaps in my knowledge from missing school) so I get tutored for Maths and English, Karate, volunteering and school I am crammed for time.

I now need to go study for exams. Sorry for anyones day I took up. I might do a random post like this every so often.

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