Friday, April 19, 2013

I'm Not Good With Titles!

Hey lovelies! Sorry I missed posting! I come to you playing Mario Kart (writing this in between live races- ha).(Okay, that didn't work so well...)

I'll start of in response to you other gals:

Logan: I'm glad you are having ups with some of your symptoms but sorry about the downs with others :(
I know what you mean about the sensations like something is crawling on you or things of the like. I get sensations like droplets of water are falling on me.

Cheyanne: Congrats on college and driving! Whoop! Sorry though that you are dealing with a worsening of symptoms! To answer your question, Have any of you had any experience similar to mine regarding the sensory overload? Does it mess your body up for a long period of time like this? I wish I had an answer more helpful, but usually for me, my sensitivity comes in spurts, and the symptoms I get are reactions indeed to the sensitivity, but they usually don't last longer than the sensitivity.

Right now I am dealing with awful acid reflux, the kind that makes you feel like your heart is trying to kill you or something. However, praise God, our doctors office had some Nexium samples, so I'm going to start on those tonight.

I've been exercising a lot for almost a week now as well as helping my mom with daycare for most of the day (that I'm awake- ha.). I've been really enjoying it. I don't know that I'll do much today because this acid reflux is horrible (I'm in my recliner right now). It drains my energy. Yuck.

I think that is all for now. Until next time...

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