Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Road Map Would Be Nice

Hey guys, I know its been a few weeks.. 
I'm still trying to sort my body out. I seem to be going through some major symptom changes! My sensitivities are better, but I've been more POTSY lately, and I'm having temperature regulation problems, while my GI problems are a little bit better. On top of that lots of my minor symptoms have changed. For example, I only have excessive sweating maybe 2 or 3 days out of the week now, the rest of the time I don't seem to sweat at all, even when exercising or doing chores. I used to feel sensations that aren't real a lot, like bugs crawling on me, or rain drops on my skin. Hot, cold, or wet sensations.. things like that, and it used to happen constantly. Many times a day, every day. Now it happens maybe once a day, or not at all. Also, my pupils are super dilated all the time, they look freaky huge. That hasn't been a regular/daily symptom for me in months, my pupils have been pretty normal for a while. Its a lot to take in, and I'm kind of on my tip toes wondering what my body will do next, because its so unpredictable. I keep waiting to see if something else will get worse, but I'm really hoping that else something will get better.  
We decided to try increasing some of my meds slightly, so I'm hoping that will help with my POTS. Otherwise, my only main concern is with my temperature problems. Its easy to regulate my temperature at home, we set the thermostat as warm as I can stand it (usually 70-75 degrees F), and if necessary I dress warmly too. At home my temperature mostly hovers around 98.0, which is perfectly fine, but my temperature drops when I leave the house.  I dress warmly when out of the house, and I keep an eye on my temperature, and so far it hasn't dropped to a dangerous level (at least that I know of). What bothers me is that my temperature can drop 2 or 3 degrees even though I'm really only exposed to the cold for a few minutes. When we go somewhere I am only outside in the cold for a few seconds when we walk between the car and the building, and it may also be a little chilly in the car, but only for a few minutes since we turn the heat on. That's it, that's all it takes. I'm glad that spring is here and I'm looking forward to the warmer temperatures, but it also occurred to me that summer is coming, and soon everyone will have their AC cranked. Even in the summer if I go into a chilly building, I might have to watch my temperature. I am super thankful though that I don't seem to be having problems with high temperatures, my temperature doesn't seem to go over 99, even with a heavy blanket on.
In answer to Hannah's question, my hobbies haven't changed much. Mostly I knit/crochet, or read. (I need a life).

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