Friday, June 8, 2012

Medicine Change

Hey guys!! Since there was only Hannah's sub post and Rhianne's video this post is going to be a short one.

My week has been pretty boring, I've only been out of the house 2 or 3 times. I did help my dad with our garden, I mostly packed down sod into holes in the ground and played with worms :P Immature, I know. But the garden will have quite a few vegetables (I know there's corn, peas, pumpkins, watermelon and some other things) and we also planted some flowers.

The other time I was out of the house was when I went to my psychiatrist appointment. When I was there we discussed switching my Luvox to Prozac.  Since Luvox takes a few weeks to get completely out of my system, we will gradually reduce my dosage of Luvox, keeping the Lamictal the same and adding a small dose of Prozac, so my body has time to adjust to the new meds. I go back to the psychiatrist in 3 weeks, so hopefully it will start to kick in by then.

Other than just reading (I have 2 books that I'm trying to read now) I'm researching colleges. My dad wants me to schedule a date for one of my top-picks, so I can get a tour and maybe sit in some classes. I also have yet so schedule for my community college classes, which I'll be doing tomorrow. Unfortunately I have to get up at around 11am for the appointment, which is hours before I'm used to now.

I don't think Hannah or Rhianne had a question, but mine is do you have a geographic tongue?

Have a nice weekend,

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