Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hey guess who?

I'm late again, : 3 sorry about that. Christine also apologizes for not being on the ball with posting on alternate Tuesdays! She says she is having bad memory problems right now, and what with how hectic her life has been recently i think we should be understanding. (I'm sure she will explain somewhat when she posts.)
Anyway, my life has been a little hectic too i confess. We are in the process of cleaning up the house, packing, moving... and of course my dad is doing some renovations in the new house to make it more suitable for my grandparents and me.
I am trying my best to get a passing grade on my online history course by the deadline which I believe is the end of this month YIKES.
Also I'm trying to find ways to get enough calories and nutrition when i either have to thin out my feeds or just do clear liquid feeds altogether. (And in the process I'm still trying to stay as natural as possible with what i put in my tube, the healthier a diet I'm on, the better my symptoms are.. that that's no easy task right now.)

Hopefully in a few weeks things will be less chaotic : ). Now i have a confession to make with you guys, i have been throwing up small amounts of blood. And when i say small, i mean SMALL.     teeny     tiny.      Like just a few drops usually at a time. No biggie. At first i thought it was probably just blood from irritation in my nose that i had swallowed without knowing it and was puking it back up.
 (That was gross wasn't it? Sorry)... But I actually haven't been having any nose bleeding lately. My nose bleeds from my tube have stopped! : ) So if its coming from anywhere, i suspect its probably bleeding from my throat, but my doctor also suggested that when you throw up you can sometimes burst little blood vessels or capillaries and that's where the blood could be coming from. Altogether he really didn't seem concerned at all, which surprised me!  My Gi doctor has been really pushing for me to have the G-tube surgery for a while, but i have been saying no.  So I expected that at the first sign of more irritation he would be quick to want my NG tube out. But I have been praying that if its time for me to have the G-tube surgery God would cause that to happen, but if not, then God would close the door and prevent it from happening. So, Its all in God's hands as far as I'm concerned. : )

I had an interesting experience at the new house last week. I went over just to look around, bring over some junk, and help clean up a little. It was very hot in the new house because we didn't have the air conditioning in yet, and I started to get sick from heat (and noise and exhaustion). So I was wearing this big baggy black T-shirt.... (Which might actually be my mothers and I should probably give it back lol.) And I took the T-shirt and I got it all wet in the sink and put it back on, and it worked! Kind of like a cooling vest, only much more gentle (for those who are sensitive to both heat AND cold like me and can't wear cooling vests.) So for those who don't have air conditioners, and either can't use or don't have a cooling vest... try taking a dark colored T-shirt or tank top (that won't be see through when its wet), get it wet, and put it back on : ) It works wonderfully!

Other than that, I had two odd situations i wanted to share with you guys.
The first one is i got some sandals (Adidas brand).

 I have wanted a pair like these since 9th grade, I love how they look, and i love how you can wear them in the winter if you wear them with thick fuzzy socks. Those bumpy things are supposed to massage your feet when you walk, but because I'm so sensitive to touch I can't walk with bare feet in them for more than a minute or two. I kid you not, MY SHOES MAKE ME SICK. I get a headache, I get nauseous, and then before i get any worse I take them right off. So In order to wear them i have to wear them with socks... ALWAYS. And they actually do feel good with socks on, the little bumpy things do massage your feet, but its too much barefoot! I need to wear them with socks to tone the feeling down!

Also, yesterday I had an embarrassing ordeal where i had a fit of muscle jerks (and some tremors too) for over an hour. Most of the jerks were in my legs which means i couldn't get up and walk...  Without going into alot of detail, basically my grandmother had to wait over an hour for me because I couldn't get up.  Also, I wanted to get up so that I could ask someone a question... but i couldn't.
It worked out because the person ended up coming over to me. But it was sort of an awkward situation.. especially because i was having issues talking, and because I was not comfortable making eye contact when flopping around uncontrollably like a fish.

So this is my question for the week, does anyone else avoid eye contact when having muscle jerks?

 Rhianne: How much independence do you have? Not much.. been home bound for 3 years. But in a way honestly i think its good for me. Being sick, home bound, dependent on others... but most of all being dependent on God i think is good for me.... The more i come to realize how pathetic i am, the more i come to realize how awesome the King of Kings is.

Michelle K: I am on Florinef and a beta blocker i can't remember the name of.. nor can i remember the dosages lol

Cheyanne: I don't get chest pain any more, but I used to, and get I palpitations, but not as often as I used to.

Oh and I get all kinds of headaches, some are all over my head, others for some reason are only in the front, back, or side. 

see you guys in a couple weeks. : )  Logan.

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