Monday, November 5, 2012


Hey lovely people, no one has posted since my last post, so this will probably be short :)

Note: please excuse errors, writing from my iPad :p

I've been having my ups and downs but today I am please to say I've accomplished A LOT more than usual, though as you guys understand, I battled through POTSiness, headaches, bad headaches, upset stomach... Y'know (though I think I am actually sick with something viral) however, I still managed to get up earlier than usual (yay for saving an hour, though it gets darker earlier lol) but I;

Helped a child with homework, did some of my own work, crocheted (almost finished a scarf I am working on!), helped my mom with daycare, went with my mom and the rest of the crew we had here to pick up dinner, then went back out to two different stores, oh and I exercised today. I am expecting a crash, I don't know when, hopefully never :). (I feel somewhat accomplished today, I feel the need to share my excitement!).

I hope the rest of you ladies are well (I'm shocked I remembered to post! Yay!) and hanging in there. It is so cold here! I love bundling up (so cozy!) but adjusting to indoor temperatures I feel is going to start to be a challenge, in the beginning of the day I was fine but then coming in (plus the wood stove would have burned even longer) out of the cold my hands are getting hot and stuff and as odd as it sounds, I pretty much know if my hands are hot, I will most likely get POTSY, it's one of my indicators. Sometimes I like Reynauds for the simple reason that it can keep this from happening too much ;) anywho, I will let my previous question stand until we get some more posts :)

Until next time...
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