Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hey ladies! Long time no post! I seriously keep forgetting, and forgetting that Rhianne and I switched days, I'm so sorry!

I've been feeling like I'm going slightly down hill again, but I guess you could say that's to be expected with this time of year, just disappointing as you guys know. By we preservere indeed.
It's been a crazy day with Hurricane Sandy but things should be calming down soon, thankfully we didn't get anything too bad. But that leads me into one of the questions...

Logan wanted me and Cheyanne to explain how storms make us sick. For me, I usually get headaches/sinus stuff, plus extra POTSy, as of lately I can get bradycardia, as well as these episodes where I gt headaches and one side and/or other random parts of my body go weak/numb. I don't entirely know how to explain it but it also feels like there's just this certain feeling you get... I hope that answers your question! Also, about what Christine was referring to with clothing, I think that might be what's called "Under Armor" but I'm not sure. There are also thermals! You also asked about dreams, the nightmares sund horrible, I'm sorry to hear about them. I really don't usually have nightmares, but occasional bad dreams and just weird dreams (not good or bad), sometimes they are vivid (if I understand what is meant by that) but usually their dreams that I just forget, unless its a bad one, but a nightmare for me is rare.

Cheyanne didn't have a question but I hope your woes slow down girl and things ease up!

I send my love to all of you guys, excuse the fact that this is like short and probably weird lol, it's 1AM on Tuesday :p. Logan reminded me about posting.

My question is, what's something (like a hobby or skill) that you do, that makes you feel you've accomplished something when it's difficult to do much at all? I've been into crochet and sewing lately and even if I can't do anything else in a day if I can complete a project I feel like I did something with my day :)

Thanks for reading :)

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