Thursday, October 4, 2012

Blood sugar catastrophe!

Hello y'all!! Sorry I missed last week. I've been struggling balancing my classes and being ill. Before I get into all of the negative issues health wise, I do have some good news to share! :) Although I have been having difficulty managing, I am doing surprisingly well in my college class. I got a 99 on my first presentation, a 95 on my first essay, and was one of the 3 people in the class who got an A on the quiz. She had myself and the other two people stand up in front of the class for a good 15 minutes. I didn't feel POTSy at all!

During the past month or so I have started to feel some blood sugar issues. I was assuming they were low by my symptoms, and I still truly believe at that time it was. A diabetic friend from church gave my mother a glucose meter for me to use. While I was in Target, about two hours after I had just eaten Sonnys, I felt an episode coming on. I thought it was POTS because of the faintness, clammy, dizzy, nausea, etc. I took my pulse and it was fine. I then took my sugar and it was 156. My mom took hers and it was 120. We both ate at the same time. After that, we called my doctor. She wanted me to monitor my sugars the entire weekend. If I woke up in the morning and it was over 100, then she was going to admit me. Everything was fine the remainder of the weekend.

After college today I stopped by McDonalds to get a small fry and a hamburger. Usually I drink an Orgain beforehand, but I did not feel like it today. About an hour later I started feeling horrendous. I felt nauseous, like car sick nauseous/POTS nauseous, not gastroparesis nausea. I got dizzy, and later came the headache. I thought maybe I stressed my body out standing for the 15 minutes. Once I got home, I thought maybe I should take it being that I had not taken it all week. I was expecting it to be fine. It was 181. I had eaten 2 hours ago then. We called my doctor AGAIN, and she said to get in there now.

The appointment went okay. We laughed like always! She said I am a mess. Regarding the sugars, she said she was concerned. She does not think it is diabetes because my sugar came back down too quickly for that to be. In her opinion, it is glucose intolerance caused from dysautonomia. Lovely. The good thing is that it can be treated....but only by insulin. She suggested the insulin pump instead of the shots. I don't want that, but I guess I have to do what I have to do. Before we even get into all of that she ordered 5 blood tests. I have to miss class in the morning to go get them done. Depending on the results, we will possibly discuss the insulin and seeing endocrinology.

I have started doing yoga for exercise and I love it!!! And look what I did. I didn't even sublux my shoulder. I have been trying to be beyond careful. If anyone would like the videos, then just ask. They able you to workout without feeling all out of breath. :)

Hannah's Question: How does fall affect your POTS?
I believe that it improves my POTS. It isn't quite 100 decrease out anymore, only 90. ;) Oh, the Florida heat. In the summertime it constantly rains here, which sort of makes me miserable. I fainted because of a tropical storm that was here. Fall is nice.

Logan: Happy belated birthday! I know your feelings exactly about birthdays. I understand that you want to go back in time so badly. I am about to turn 16. I was just telling my mom how I don't want to. :\

I guess that is all for now. God bless!


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