Monday, November 26, 2012

Hello, Hello!

Hello lovely ladies,
Logan was the only one that posted, and no questions.
Logan, I know you are having a tough time with your G-tube, but keep hanging in there and pressing on, I know you seem to be recovering bit by bit each day :).

I hope those of you in the U.S. had a lovely Thanksgiving, I did!
Usually I am sick on Thanksgiving and Christmas (something about this time of year I guess!) and I was excited that I managed fairly well on Thanksgiving, what a wonderful treat! I got to play with my baby cousin quite a bit which I thoroughly enjoyed (though I worked up a sweat- lol).

Right now I'm just taking each day as it comes, trying to make use of my time. I right now am just focusing on School of Biblical Evangelism and trying to learn Hebrew, as well as working on different projects with crochet. It really does help to accomplish things, even if they're little things, it inspires you to keep trying to do more :). The "trick" I guess, is to learn that it's okay then, on the days you can't accomplish anything!

I am having more fatigue it seems as well as tummy woes that since about the day before Thanksgiving I believe. But they are not too bad so that's great:).

I got a bit of early shopping done for Christmas, so I am really happy about that. Stores are crowding since black Friday and again, I'm usually not my best this time of year, so it's nice to have a chunk of it out of the way. I cannot wait to give them to everyone! :).

I hope all is well with those who haven't been posting <3 p="p">
Question: How do you manage Christmas shopping with your Dysautonomia?

Until Next Time...

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