Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Miss You Guys!

Hey guys, sorry I skipped last week, I really wasn't feeling good.

Hannah: my hobby is pretty much the same, knitting and crocheting. Usually, even when I'm feeling really sick and I'm stuck in bed or on the couch I can still manage to knit or crochet, especially if the project is something easy. I always have several projects going at a time of different difficulties so that I don't get bored or frustrated, and so I at least have 1 easy project to work on when I'm not feeling up to tackling something lacy/complicated.
I also still really love music and I miss playing my harp. I miss playing piano and flute too for that matter, but I haven't been able to play flute since I got sick because I'm so sound sensitive. And I can't really play piano or harp very well, because no matter how hard I try, I can't memorize sheet music.  I can't seem to get the hang of playing by ear either because that also involves memorization. To play by ear you have to memorize all the different sounds the keys/strings make, know what sound you want, and then what key/string will give you that sound. I try to play sometimes though, but the truth is I only play on rare occasions. Since I can't really play anything at all except really simple stuff like "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"... I feel like there's no point, and its so frustrating sitting there useless in front of such an amazing instrument like a harp.

Not alot has happened since I last posted, but my G-tube surgery is scheduled for the 19th! So next week is gonna be a little exciting I guess. Or maybe chaotic would be a better word lol.

- Logan

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