Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm still alive!

I skipped 2 weeks in a row, I have not been in a mood to write lately, I have not been posting much on my personal blog either. I don't know.
It rained really good today, I absolutely love the rain. Sometimes I think I like it more than sunshine. I have been collecting rain water actually for my plants, they don't seem to like the tap water here at the new house and they seem MUCH happier with rain water. One plant in particular actually turns yellow and begins to die when I give it tap water, needless to say I am afraid of the tap water and I don't drink it unless I have to.  Oh! And I've also noticed that when I pick flowers they last much longer when I keep them in rain water than they last in tap water.

I have a ton of huge plants in my room now, and it literally does wonders for my cabin fever! When I go in my room I don't even notice the walls. All I see are the huge plants everywhere, and I feel like I'm outside in a garden, not trapped in my room.

I am going to be starting another online course soon, it took a while after we moved to get registered, but I'm actually looking forward to the course, It'll give me something to do! : P

I forgot to write down the questions I'm sorry, I will try to write them down and answer them later.

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