Thursday, September 13, 2012

Did everyone else fall off of the face of the earth?

Nobody has been posting in weeks! ): I really hope everyone is okay. I haven't talked to any of y'all in awhile, with the exception of Michelle R. and Rhianne.

I've been swamped with school work. I just finished my first essay for college! Soon I will present my first presentation for college. I am praying that goes smoothly because I am terrible in front of the class. Right now I am finishing up some chemistry work. I do not want to have to work much over the weekend. Going to school is utilizing nearly all of my energy. I sleep and read my weekends away because by the end of the week I crash. I am going to have to find a better way to manage this. Skipping church this often isn't working and my boyfriend is going to get sick of not ever seeing me. I am trying to get all of my difficult classes out of the way now, so that the next couple years may be easier. After this year I will have completed all of my required math classes. I am getting chemistry out of the way. In the next years I will only have to concern myself with Biology, history (ew), and English classes.

My stomach has been a little better motility wise I guess. I have not been as nauseous, but I still am drinking the majority of my meals. Now my intestines are slow. Go figure. Everything changes quickly with me! I am drinking Powerade to try to get my intestines to work better. Powerade used to upset my belly quite a bit. I don't tolerate liquid sugars well. I tried Gatorade last night with no luck. The Powerade did work!

I have come to the conclusion that exercise is my only hope...for Ehlers Danlos anyways. I was not even aware that I had EDS until I lost all of my muscle from gastroparesis caused from my autonomic issues. The difficult part is attempting to exercise without exacerbating my POTS symptoms and stretching things out even more. The majority of the little workouts I have found require moving the joints out of the normal range of motion. That only causes problems. I am currently doing the treadmill (walking/jogging) for 15-30 minutes, 25 situps, and 5 pushups. My major problem areas, with moving around/subluxing anyways, are my shoulders and right hip. If I can just build up some muscle, I could prevent dislocations and such! Finding the correct routine is going to be a challenge.

I guess I will hold off with the questions until everyone comes back to the blog. Okay?

God bless!
Cheyanne. :)

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